Holmes Siding Contractors is a locally owned and operated business based in Holmes County, Ohio. Established in 1984 with outstanding work ethic and quality workmanship as the philosophies of our company, our reputation grew rapidly among builders. New home construction was growing, so we added more siding crews to keep up with the rising demand. By the mid-to-late 1980s, the warehousing of Holmes Siding Contractors had grown to a point where truckloads of materials were being delivered on a regular basis. In 1991, MRV Siding Supply was opened to sell materials from our warehouses to other local contractors. The growing housing market also opened other opportunities for us to provide windows, gutters, awnings, and more products.

Over a 29-year span, we have built a strong reputation of offering quality products, outstanding service, and competitive pricing. Today, we still have the same work ethic and motivation. We also have a renewed sense of urgency to provide customers with a pleasant experience when getting their home sided.


At Holmes Siding Contractors, we are about more than just high-quality siding. We also offer high-quality windows, doors, gutters, and other products and accessories!



First, we have an in-home consultation to discuss your options and help you decide. Then, our expert crew shows up to install your new siding.



If you have a question, we have the answer! We understand there is a lot of information in regards to our products and the installation. Let us help you answer any questions you may have!

We pride ourselves on providing exceptionally good quality products and superior installation skills.
About Us
We pride ourselves on providing exceptionally good quality products and superior installation skills.


Knowledgeable Professionals

Our experts are extremely knowledgeable about the types of products we offer. They can help you correctly and successfully pick out the right product for you.

Experienced & Reliable

We have nearly three decades of experience providing superior services and products. Our crews are extremely reliable; we’ll be there on time and get the job done right!

High-Quality Products

All of our products, whether you are ordering siding, windows, a door, or gutters, are made of the only the best material and is available in a large selection of different options to choose from.